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Friends of the L. M. Montgomery Institute

The Friends of the L.M. Montgomery Institute (FLMMI) supports our ongoing work through fundraising and other activities. All monies raised by the FLMMI go directly to LMMI's projects; please click here to learn how you can help the Friends help us today!

About the Friends 

The FLMMI is an all-volunteer group drawn from the ranks of Montgomery scholars and admirers across North America. This photo shows (most of) the dedicated group who came together to form the first Friends' Board at the L.M. Montgomery Conference in Charlottetown in June 2012.

 Friends of the LMMI Board
Friends of the LMMI Board

L to R: Donna Campbell, Mary Beth Cavert, Melanie Whitfield, Kate Sutherland, Sandy Wagner, Emily Woster, Linda Boutilier, Carolyn Strom Collins, Loretta Craig Taylor, Christy Woster [not pictured:  Betsy Epperly, Joanne Wood]

Friends founding Board member Mary Beth Cavert maintains an online Friends of the LMMI page; the FLMMI were also profiled in the December 2012 issue (Part 1; pages 5 - 8) of the LM Montgomery Literary Society's Shining Scroll Newsletter.

Giving to the Friends

The following levels of donor recognition have been identified by the Friends - we are thankful for the support of the Friends, who are listed on our Friends Donor page.

  • $35-99: "Kindred Spirits"
  • $100-249: "Loyal" Friends
  • $250-499: "Beloved" Friends
  • $500 -999: "Steady" Friends
  • $1000+: "Lifelong" Friends

Thanks to the support and assistance of the UPEI Advancement (development) office, donations to the Friends entitle you to a charitable tax receipt. 

The link for donating on-line is ; be sure to use the "drop-down" box entitled "Designate your Gift" and fill in "Friends of LMMI" in the space designated. 

If you would rather donate by cheque, please contact:
Kim Roach: * 902-894-2888

The Friends of the LMMI (FLMMI) was created in June 2012 and represents members of the global community who are passionate about the writings of Montgomery, and who show that interest in various ways, including their financial support for the Institute.  People are of course welcome to provide financial support directly to the Institute, and many have done so whose names do not appear on this page.
The following individuals have given generously to LMMI through the Friends.

Lifelong Friends ($1,000 +)

  • Donna and Ian Campbell
  • Mary Beth Cavert
  • Carolyn Strom Collins
  • Lynda Leader
  • Heirs of L.M. Montgomery
  • E. Holly Pike
  • Noriko Saeki
  • Anonymous Donor

Steady Friends ($500-$999)

  • Terry Kamikawa
  • Christy Woster

Beloved Friends ($250-499)

  • Anonymous
  • Betty Heath
  • Ann Johnson
  • Gretchen Laskas
  • John and Jennie Macneill
  • Mary Ann Sealey
  • Sandra Wagner

Loyal Friends ($100-$249)

  • Yoshiko Akamatsu
  • Chesley and Linda Boutilier
  • George Campbell
  • Lesley Clement
  • Sally Keefe Cohen
  • Joanne Craig
  • Betsy Epperly
  • Patricia J Kachel
  • Benjamin Lefebvre
  • Duncan MacLaren
  • L. M. Montgomery Society of Ontario
  • Hon. Gerald and Mary Mitchell
  • Laura Robinson
  • Anonymous
  • Philip Smith and Cathy Morgan
  • Kate Sutherland
  • Agnes Thompson
  • Janice and Wayne Trowsdale
  • Hannelore (Laura) von Zittwitz
  • Asa Warnquist
  • Kathy Wasylenky
  • Melanie Whitfield
  • Anne Woster

Kindred Spirits ($35-99)

  • Anonymous
  • Sharon Andie
  • Anonymous
  • Michel Bourque
  • Carol Dobson
  • Sarah Emsley
  • Christina Eriksson
  • Melanie Fishbane
  • Carole Gerson
  • Beverley Hayden
  • Caroline Jones
  • Sheila Kaminsky
  • Alison Klawiter
  • Sue Lange
  • Mark Leggott
  • Davida Mackay
  • Anonymous
  • Ethel Macleod
  • K. L. Poe
  • Anonymous
  • Delores Shackelton
  • Penelope Shrek
  • Jeanne Kaye Speight
  • Loretta Craig Taylor
  • Kimberly Toombs
  • Joanne Wood
  • Elizabeth Anne Woolner
  • Emily Woster
  • Anonymous Donor

Two donations were given "In Honour Of": Lindsey MacCallum, Yoshiko Takayama