Made possible through the generosity and vision of LM Montgomery Institute Research Associate and benefactor Dr. Donna Jane Campbell, KindredSpaces is an online discovery tool for the LMMI Research Collections housed at the Robertson Library, UPEI.

KindredSpaces was launched at the LMMI Biennial International Conference in June, 2016: the first research collection to be featured here is the Ryrie-Campbell Collection, donated to the LMMI and the Library by Dr. Campbell.

KindredSpaces’ Collections’ Guides

The Ryrie-Campbell Collection has three main components:

Periodicals — Over 400 short stories, poems, and articles published by LM Montgomery in wide range of North American, British, and Australian periodicals in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Books — Rare early and international editions of Montgomery’s books, and reference works in which she is discussed

Special Items — Artifacts and printed memorabilia documenting various aspects of Montgomery’s life and career

Additional collections and individual items will be added to KindredSpaces and recommendations for new content are welcome.