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“The L.M. Montgomery Collection at the University of Guelph.”
“Writing with a ‘Definite Purpose’
“Anne’s Anniversary.”
“Who Do We Think You Are?
“Under the Umbrella
“Weaving a Tapestry of Beauty
“Falling out of the Haystack
“The ‘Murray Look’
“Rereading <I>Anne of Green Gables</I> in <I>Anne of Ingleside</I>
“Child Heroes of the Working Class
“‘Tennyson Would Never Approve’
“Addicted to Reading
“‘That Unholy Tendency to Laughter’
“‘The Golden Road of Youth’
“The Nostalgic Appeal of a Popular Place
“L.M. Montgomery
“Anne of Green Gables, Elijah of Buxton, and Margaret of Newfoundland.”
“‘I Knew I Would “Arrive” Some Day’
“In the News
“The Jewish Experience in Canadian Children’s Literature.”